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Like all Cyclonic valves, the STDC Series is built with the Cyclonic Design Difference. When you need to control a wide range of pressures and flow rates of gases or liquids, Cyclonic’s superior design gives you accurate control and a long safe valve life.

Machined from solid bar stock; no porosity, limitless possible lengths

  • Pressure ratings up to 5,000 psi MOP

  • Xylan™ coated 17-4 stainless steel stem and disc driver

  • Standard materials of API 4130 (75K) and 316SS, or customer-specified materials

  • ANSI B16.34 and/or API 6A wall thickness and bolt loading

  • Manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation

  • Open/close or modulating service

  • Automated valves have selectable failure position

Cyclonic’sin-line flow configuration providesfor lower internal erosivewear, improving resistance to cavitation and lower pressure drop through the valve

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